We are exclusively focused on opportunities that leverage our decades of operating and investing experience in the food industry. This includes the food, food distribution and other food related verticals.

We seek to invest in middle market companies where our assistance is desired by management teams looking for an active partner to provide strategic and operational support to drive value creation. Given our sector focus, we are able to source unique investment opportunities by utilizing our food industry relationships, our diverse investor base and our network of financial intermediaries.

When making an investment decision, we are attracted to companies that have continued growth potential as well as the opportunity to improve the existing base business. Significant focus is placed on being able to preserve equity value through economic and industry cycles. The businesses we invest in have the following characteristics:

  • Operate in attractive categories
  • Generate high free cash flow
  • Leading market share
  • Sell directly or indirectly to a large customer base
  • Produce or sell products deemed essential to its customers
  • Ability to improve the current business, both sales and operating margins, through multiple levers within our control
  • Significant white space for future growth